Undialectical thinking about jazz

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Hi, Robert. Great to hear from you again. In the back of my mind I am
always thinking, "What does Robert think of this?". Yeah, I just wrote
that off the top of my head as I was about to go off to a meeting. I think
a more rounded approach would definitely take into account the more roots
oriented Jazz that never died out in the black community. I am thinking of
tenor/organ combos, pianists like Ramsey Lewis, singers like Sarah Vaughan
and guitarists like Wes Montgomery. When I was in Houston in the early 70s
there were numerous clubs in the south ward that featured bands in this
vein made up of local talent.

That's what you get for not thinking dialectically!!


On Fri, 31 May 1996, Robert Perrone wrote:

> Lou,
> How are you doing? Your posts on the ANC in response to Adam and Hugh
> are precisely on the mark.
> I responded by private post to zodiac's comments on jazz. I disagreed
> with his "class analysis" of jazz and his understanding of the
> connection between jazz and the blues. I don't agree that "jazz lost
> its connection to a proletarian audience as soon as bebop became
> entrenched." I would have to ask you on what basis you make that
> claim.
> My experience has been that at least up to the late sixties to early
> seventies, jazz still had a pretty solid working class following.
> The best record stores for jazz were usually to be found in the
> African American community, the real jamming clubs were also to be
> found there.  I agree that the mecca of jazz, at least in this
> country, continues to be New York, and the Villlage is where most
> clubs in New York are located. From that, however, I don't believe
> that we can generalize.
> Feel free to use this publicly if you believe this discussion can be
> of use on the list.
> Comradely,
> Robert Perrone
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