Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Fri May 31 16:43:03 MDT 1996

>Rahul writes:
>>Signor Quixano, it would truly be a tragedy if I were to end up liking you.
>I think that's where we're headed actually, and what poetic justice it will
>be! The troika of Adolfo, Louis and Rahul, all gung-ho to institutionalize
>and theoretically justify the small exploiter (*only* ten wage slaves) and
>his right to keep exploiting.
>So we maintain the bourgeois state in the name of revolutionary realism and
>(not Adolfo yet, but won't be long) common sense.
>No-one breathe a word about 'unprincipled blocks' now!

Once again, you show a truly admirable nonchalance with regard to the
facts, Hugh. Or are you forgetting that I violently disagreed with Adolfo
about small capitalists? Of course, in the world you live in, little things
like that don't really matter, right? If you are required by some personal
imperative to be so profoundly obnoxious, at least try to do it with a
minimum of integrity.


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