Does the PCP want the WMC?

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Fri May 31 17:00:07 MDT 1996

The Communist Party of Peru heads the World Mobilisation Commission by means
of his generated organism the MOVIMIENTO POPULAR PERU (MPP). <<<

It's some time since Carlos and Jerry had a joke at my expense as a
silly cow. Adolfo is free to repeat the theme if he finds it amusing.
I don't like the bullying and contemptuous tone.

If it humours Adolfo, may I point out that I have been out to grass
recently, and I may have genuinely missed the decisive reference,
or it may have been lost in the noise to signal ratio of this
personalised polemic.

But where is the reference that authoritative MPP's clearly closely
linked with the PCP, are supporting the WMC? Is that an unfair

Adolfo suggests that certain "phoney" MPP's take Quispe's
position. So it is a battle of which MPP's are phoney and which are

And why would Adolfo as the leading member of a Sol Peru, be in
the best position, to adjudicate? (And why is there not an MPP in

All this seems to confirm the picture that neither side is able to
claim a clear signal from the PCP in Peru on present tasks of international

Which does not help Adolfo's championing of a new
initiative in the name of the PCP. It may have other merits, but
persuading people rather than browbeating them does not appear
to be the style of argument.


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