"Green" warfare intro: On 15 repeat postings

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"Green" warfare intro: On 15 repeat postings [Posted: 01.06.96]

Gary MacLennan, au, wrote to this list on 29.05.96 under subject:
"Poland, the environment, communism. etc", i.a.

>I am always suspicous when the bourgeoisie and their lackeys take
>up the cause of the environment. It usually means that a lot of
>workers are going to get the sack and the environment is just being
>used as an excuse.  Is there anything written on this?

I told Gary, whose intuition absolutely is correct on this, that there was
and that this was a very big subject - did he want me to e-mail him
some earlier postings to newsgoups on it? He did, and now that I've
taken these files out of mothballs anyway, I take the opportunity of
posting them also to this list.

It's as many as 15 postings, and most of them quite long too. I
suggest that those who're interested and haven't seen these when
they appeared on newsgroups download them. Some of them did
cause a bit of discussion here on this list, which was broken off on
my part because of time pressure but which I've already promised
to get back to.

If you only want to get a general idea of what this is all about, I
suggest you read items 5 and 6 - my "UNITE! #4en" in 2 parts.

The matters discussed here are of very great importance to the
Marxists today. Yet practically all who today call themselves
"Marxists" are quite ignorant on them. This absolutely has to

The workers and the oppressed peoples today are faced with a
comparatively new kind of warfare on the part of the main forces
of the international bourgeoisie: *"green" stealth warfare*, on the
economic, political and ideological levels, as an important part
of the reactionaries' class struggle today. Only the genuine Marxists
can inform the masses about what's going on, and why, and lead
them in defence against it. If they fail to do so, this is equivalent to
covering-up these arch-reactionary attacks and capitulating to the

Some comrades may be temporarily excused in this respect
because of their incomplete knowledge - the bourgeoisie have long
frantically sought to eradicate knowledge of the theory of Marx, Lenin
and Mao Zedong totally, or as large parts of it as possible. But such
people who're incapable of understandimg vital elements of the entire
world situation today cannot lead the international proletariat. So it's
absolutely necessary that all comrades study these questions.

Marx in fact - more than a century ago - has given some guidance
on them. In the world of today, considerably more can be gotten
>from the writings of the formerly (1970 to approximately the end of
the 1980:s) proletarian revolutionary party in Germany, the
KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT). My postings to a great extent have
been based on these.

Note: In some of those earlier postings, I wrote that there was being
fought a "green stealth world war". It's better however to analyze
it as "green warfare", on the part of the main reactionaries, since this
"war" is not a separate one but is part of international class struggle.

Below is a list of the things I'm now posting. Four of the 15 items
- reproducing things written or said 19 repectively 140 years ago -
are in German. Sorry about that (and I don't know how the Umlauts
in them will appear to readers either) but I don't have them in
English yet, the're quite important today and I hope that at least
some of the readers understand that language or can consult
somebody who does.

Item 1:
For a REAL nuke referendum in Sweden! (Campaign) [Posted: Feb 96]

Item 2:
"Ballot" texts in 1980 Swedish "nuclear referendum" [Posted: Feb 96]

Item 3:
The state turns against science - Sweden, 1980 (Notes) [Sent: Feb 96]

Item 4:
[MFK statement 1995 - posted: Feb 96]

Item 5:
UNITE! Info #4en: A barbaric anti-industry attack 1/2 [Posted: 21.03.96]

Item 6:
UNITE! Info #4en: A barbaric anti-industry attack 2/2 [Posted: 21.03.96]

Item 7:
Save nuclear power now! (Transl. of call by M.S.) [First sent 21.3.96]

Item 8:
The Heidelberg Appeal [First posted on 21.3.96]

Item 9:
[Reply Re: The Heidelberg Appeal - posted 22.03.96]

Item 10:
[SkMFK press release - posted: 01.03.96]

Item 11:
For the environment: Keep nuclear power! (MFK, se) [Posted: 09.04.96]

Item 12:
VEREINIGT EUCH! Info #5de: Marx: Rede 14.4.1856 [Ges.: 28.03.96]

Item 13:
VEREINIGT EUCH! Info #7de: NE zu AkWe 77 1/3  [Ges.: 07.04.96]

Item 14:
VEREINIGT EUCH! Info #7de: NE zu AkWe 77 2/3  [Ges.: 07.04.96]

Item 15:
VEREINIGT EUCH! Info #7de: NE zu AkWe 77 3/3  [Ges.: 07.04.96]

Rolf M.

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