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Fri May 31 23:30:10 MDT 1996

		To whom...,

	Louis betrays himself as a member of the '60's "folk" movement here.
The 1920's blues musicians played happy ragtime as well as Robert Johnson
style songs.  The blues got better when industrial workers could support
full-time musicians like Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Al Green and Arethat
who were NOT crossover artists until well after their careers were

	"Entrenched" bepop was pretty damn good, some of it even better than
the earlier stuff.  Miles Davis may have been a middle to upper-middle class
kid who actually went crying to Dizzy Gillespie for bebop lessons, but "The
Birth of the Cool" is still a fantastic record.

	I agree with Louis as to where the best music is coming from, but I
think it is a question of technology.  The bebop technology was simply
exploited until it could be exploited no more.  Now various African musics
are being exploited (for the good) by musicians.  Bossa Nova got its chance
years ago, now it's Soka, maybe it will be Compa next, or whatever.  People
demand novelty and ingenuity from their musicians.  THose that deliver the
goods stay, and those that don't are sent packing.


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