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UNITE! Info #4en: A barbaric anti-industry attack 1/2 [Posted: 21.03.96]

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As Info #4en, I bring in 2 parts an article on a new anti-industry attack
which just now is developing in Sweden, and on some of the political
and historical background of the entire present international syndrome
of campaigns against industry, technology, science and economic
growth. As complements are posted, separately: 1) A translation of a
brief article by another writer in Sweden (whom I haven't yet made
contact with), Martin Stroemberg. 2) The text of the important
Heidelberg Appeal, which was signed by many well-known scientists
immediately before the so-called "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro in
1992. See subjects "Save nuclear power now!...." and "The Heidelberg


Last Saturday, 16.3.1996, the party congress of the social democratic
party in Sweden, which is the party in government here, scandalously
decided on advocating, and later proposing to parliament, that one of
the 12 well-functioning large nuclear power reactors in this country be
closed and destroyed before the next election, in 1998.

This is a very serious attack indeed, spearheaded directly against the
industrial workers, above all, and threatening vital interests of more
than 99% of all people in this country. Even the traditionally rather
docile leadership of the union of blue-collar trade unions here, the LO,
has protested against this decision, calling it "incomprehensible".

In Sweden, today already 550 000 people, 12% of the workforce,
are unemployed, mainly because of the reactionary anti-industrial
offensive here, and the standard of living for most people is not
improving any more but is constantly deteriorating.

This latest attack concerns, indirectly and in part even directly, the
great majority of people also in other countries. I therefore call for
international solidarity against it. Please support the struggle, which
is only just now beginning and which so far is hardly organized at all,
to beat back this new assault on the entire industry in Sweden!

One but not the only way you can make your protest known is by
e-mailing the government here, c/o:

statsministern at sb.gov.se

with in that case please also a Cc to me, and with (only) subject line:

strongly protest against plans to close one of well-functioning reactors

The present assault in this country directly concerns people in several
other European countries as well, since these of course are connected
to the same power grid as is also Sweden. Only a couple of years ago,
for instance, a so-called Baltic Cable was completed, capable of
transferring the current of one reactor from Sweden directly to
Germany or vice versa. The workers, the unemployed etc in Germany,
too, are under direct fire here, as are others.

In Europe and of course in all countries, the machinations and the
terror of the present-day, "green", international inquisition must be
countered! People of different social strata and of different political
persuations should form a united front to do so, which is in the
interest of all except some extremely small, though today
extremely powerful, cliques of ultra-reactionaries.

Earlier this year, when there was cold winter weather in Sweden as
elsewhere, electricity rationing was imposed on some vital industries
- a phenomena earlier unheard-of here. The utilization of chemical-fuel
reserve power plants and the importation of electricity from as many as four
neighbouring countries still failed to meet all needs. The rabid
anti-industy, anti-technology, anti-science and anti-growth forces already
have managed to impose the beginnings of "East European" or "third
world" conditions in certain respects in this country. This as you can
see by no means has satisfied their lust for destruction.

Precisely concerning of nuclear energy, precisely Sweden has long
been a particular example to all countries. This at first, during a
certain period, in a positive sense, in later years however, above all
in exactly the opposite direction, in a very negative sense. In our small
country with less than 9 million people, a quite important battle has long
been raging in what is actually a *"green" stealth world war* waged by
the main forces of the international bourgeoisie against the people in
all countries. The new reactionary offensive here in Sweden therefore
merits international attention.

This war is not only over nuclear energy, altough this energy source
has long been a particular target of attack, precisely because it's such
an important factor in all modern development. The international
ultra-rightist  forces, quite often operating under a camouflage of
"leftism", of "Marxism" even, since 20 or 30 years back in fact are
attacking the development of industry as a whole, particularly in the more
developed countries and particularly in Europe. This mainly out
of an increasing fear that the workers, if "allowed" to grow "too" many and
"too" strong, will eventually team up with the oppressed peoples
of the third world, together with them make revolution and smash the entire
long obsolete system of capitalism and imperialism in the world,
which is turning more and more completely into an enormous obstacle
against the productive forces of today, a giant Berlin wall against the
progress of all mankind.

In Sweden, beteween the years 1970 and 1985 a nuclear electricity generating
capacity of 10 000 MW was installed, in four power
plants totalling 12 reactors. This means that today appr. 50% of all
electricity in Sweden comes from nuclear energy. Some countries,
notably France, has a higher percentage than that, but in overall
nuclear-generated electrical energy per inhabitant, Sweden is - still -
the internationally leading country.

There is of course great need for energy in such a country, too, with
its comparatively cold clima and long transportation distances - the
area of Sweden is bigger than that of Germany with its 80 million

However, in the early '70s, the international campaigns against
industry, technology, science and economic growth were stepped-up
enormously, as a reactionary counterattack against the radical youth
and student movement in many countries developing from 1967-68
on, which in  France and West Germany also came to embrace
many young workers, and indirectly as a counterattack against the
then very massive national liberation struggles in many third world
countries as well, all importantly inspired and supported by the Great
Proletarian Cultural Revolution in then socialist China,1966-76.

These reactionary anti-industry etc campaigns were stage-manged
above all by the main forces of U.S. imperialism. In 1972 there was
published, for instance, a neo-Malthusian anti-progress book
entitled "The Limits to Growth" by the U.S.-based so-called "Club of
Rome", a kind of embryonic propaganda organ for an international
"green" inquisition. In the West European countries, also those
superpower lackey forces which at that time mainly favoured Soviet
social-imperialism, such as the openly revisionist parties and, more
importantly, most of the recently emerged small parties which, in
words, supported Mao Zedongs criticism of "modern" revisionism,
started with increasing fanaticism to support the rabidly anti-Marxist
anti-proletarian anti-liberation-struggle "green" ideology.

Among the second world countries, Sweden was an early victim of
this escalated international stealth warfare. All second world
countries in fact were, and are, more or less prone to the infection of
the "green" disease emanating above all from the superpowers and
their lackeys, for since they participated and still participate in the
exploitation of the oppressed peoples and receive(d) part of their
riches from this, they also were - and still are, even in the somewhat
different international situation of today - more or less dependent on
the superpowers in the capacity of the latter as "world gendarmes" -
a role which today of course is taken up mainly by the USA.

For Sweden, which had earlier prospered, in part because it had been
in some respects a "canary" of both superpowers, this dependence
>from the mid-'70:s on started to have exactly the opposite effect
economically. In 1972, the first UN so-called conference "on the
environment" was held in Stockholm. It was in fact, on the part of the main
international bourgeois forces including the revisionist ones, a conference
on the strangulation of industrial development - as was,
even more so, the big "follow-up" event in Rio de Janeiro 20 years

In early 1973, initial decisions were taken by the Swedish parliament to cut
down the nuclear-energy programme and to curtail other industrial
development. This was even before the international so-called "oil
crisis" of 1973-74, which was in part likewise caused by intentional
efforts by the imperialists to strangle industrial growth. From 1974 on,
no further permits were given by the government here for the
construction of nuclear power plants. The propaganda of the
bourgeois  mass media in the '70:s became increasingly "green"
and neo-Malthusian.

>From late 1976 on, when the imperialists started hoping that they would get
the situation in China "under control", that is, when they saw reason to
hope that the rule of the proletariat in China was being overthrown and that
thus they needn't fear public counterattack against their plans
>from that country, they escalated their international "green" stealth
warfare even more. In Europe, in particular the masses of West
Germany and Berlin(West), a potentially important factor in the entire
international proletarian revolution because of some obvious
geographical and historical facts, were doused with great amounts of
"Agent Green" propaganda. Ignorant or reactionary strata of society
were moved to take part in public anti-nuclear-energy and other anti-
industrial campaigns supposedly directed "against" those very
international reactionaries who in fact were orchestrating them. In
Sweden, there was an equally sharp conflict over nuclear energy in
particular, resulting in the fall of one government in 1978.

In Germany however there at the time was also, as probably in no
other European country, a genuinely Marxist-Leninist party, the KPD/ML(NEUE
EINHEIT), which (until approximately the late 80:s)
continued to adhere completely to Mao Zedong's correct line. (See
Infos #1en and #3en.) It counterattacked against the "green"
campaigns, exposing the motives behind them. Although this party
was very small indeed, the correct propaganda emanating from it in
Germany and in Sweden (here in my rendering), which was based on
some important findings by Marx 100-120 years earlier, spread like
wildfire among the masses and in early 1979 had already achieved
considerable results against the counterrevolutionary "green" public
campaigns. We publicly "cut the throats" of some ultra-rightist
phoney"Marxist" forces of that time, who functioned as a certain
"ideological core" in them.

[Continued in part 2/2]

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