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In article <4is9et$p8i at crl9.crl.com>, knolle at crl.com says...
>Rolf Martens (rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se) wrote:
>: [As supporting complement 2 (of 2) to my posting "UNITE! Info #4en: 
>: A barbaric anti-industry attack", I bring the text of the Heidelberg
>: Today the number of scientists who have signed this appeal is well
>: above 1000. This I was told by Mr. Tore Fredin, of the Schiller
>:                          THE HEIDELBERG APPEAL
>:                  *To Heads of States and Governments*
>Stupid! Heads of States and Governments are virtually brainless. The 
>world is ruled by madmen, lonely assassins and bomb throwers. Most 
>upheavals were started by them.
>: ¤     We want to make our full contribution to the preservation of
>:       our common heritage, the Earth.
>More stupid! Not "half full", eh? These 1000 nuts inherited earth?


You "happen to" be right (I'm not sure it's not an accident!) on *one*
of your points here, the one about governments etc.

But what those scientists are saying is of course by no means
"nutty", although I for my part would have preferred that they had
all realized *the need for proletarian revolution*, in order *really* to
bring about those very necessary changes that they demand of those
people on whose character you and I seem to agree!

This Appeal despite everything IMO is a very good statement, that's
why I reproduced it. I believe the people in all countries should
should consider those who signed it as allies at least in some
important respects. One thing which shows that the rulers (in the
main) don't like that Appeal at all is the fact that it has been
more or less completely suppressed by the media etc internationally,
at least as far as I've been able to see.

And if you had been more fair, Ernest, you'd not have pretended
that those 1000 plus people said they they thougt the earth was 
all theirs. It seems that there's something else that you really
have against their statement. Is your real name perhaps "Greenest"?
Past experience plus the way you're writing make me harbour this
awful suspicion. What about some factual criticism, if you have such?

Rolf M.

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