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Tue Oct 1 00:22:54 MDT 1996

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>Read it again Malecki. He says nothing about you and the LU list.
>Reading is not like taking a Rorshach test. You are supposed to read
>what is actually there, not what you hope is there.
>Squeak away as much as you like. You're not joining LU. End of story.
>jplant at
Plant read your last sentence again that is part of the secret rule. Finally
i stand for the declaration. I am either politically or right or wrong. Time
will tell. I feel quite confident that those who are serious about
Trotskyism will see through the "unity" list charade!

And as far as the 6th (!) version of the "Unity" list charter is concerned
it was Malecki and others opposition that forced you to write 6 versions of
the charter.But also to create the special rules.

In fact everyday that i am banned from the list, a list i have never been on
or broke any rules, and the only crime that i have committed is clearly
stating my opposition to fake Trotskyism and its liqidationist plans to
build a 9 and 1/2 International under the false banner of "Unity", i feel
quite confident.

So, although i am not on the "unity" list i have already forced the junta to
act in many different ways. You see it is the deeds that count not just the

Hopefully in the future i will be able to intervene in a way that will be
helpful despite the special rule on Malecki.

Bob Malecki

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