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>so far you've been openly anti-party

You know as well as anybody that your 'anti-party' phrase originated
in Stalin's great terror against the revolution. Subsequently it has
been most often used in the mass terror campaigns in China, and
within the Trotskyist movement only by the most degenerate
leaderships (G. Healy, D. North et al in particular) to suppress
their critics. The delight you take in having found an opportunity to
use the phrase is transparent.

>Your positive statements as to what kind of line you want and what
kind of organization you want to see have been frugal, to say the
least. Where do you stand?

2.      Some months ago I sent you, at your request, the document I
wrote for discussion with the WRP and the LIT on their ideas for
international regroupment. Your silence has been as extensive as


I wrote :

>> It clarifies your syntax immeasurably.

You replied :

>It would be difficult not to,

Do try to stay awake at the back.
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