Factory work was easier

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Tue Oct 1 20:43:04 MDT 1996

 >> Mr. Thibeault earned $34,000 last year. "When I tell people what I do,
they don't believe I am a manager," he says. "Some days I think maybe
 I should go back to factory work. It was easier." <<Louis P(WSJ)

 Jon Flanders:

  Yup, my job, despite inside brake shoes, is easier than Mr. Thibeault's.
This bottom rung of the middle management layer is really getting whacked. To
my mind, this development will be an important element in the growing crisis
of consensus for the ruling class.

  They have depended on this middle management layer to be a transmission belt
for ruling class ideology. Now they are throwing them overboard by the gross
while working those who are left to death. This leaves the billionaires at the
top more isolated and exposed.

  We should remember though, that as bitter and radicalized as some of these
people can become, their politics can cut both ways. After all, they are
supervising lots of demoralized $6 and $7 dollar an hour workers, who
basically don't give a shit whether Bulldung Bagels makes it quota this week.
Proletarians in these circumstances don't exactly appear like the bolsheviks
storming the Winter Palace. So a lot of managers regard them as slacking
theives, just a cut above RM's cockroaches.

 In the absence of a powerful working class leadership, these stressed out
managers will be prime meat for fascism.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 01-Oct-1996

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