The Popular Front and the SWP!

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>Louis Proyect wrote:
>> When you take something like the TP or Permananent Revolution and
>> turn it into a "theory", it is very easy for it  to become dogma.
>> Witness the behavior of Trotskyist sects that used to come to
>> meetings of the antiwar movement and make speeches for 40 hours pay
>> for 30 hours work. These are the same people who would denounce the
>> antiwar movement as a "popular front" because someone like Ted
>> Kennedy might speak at a rally. The lunacy of this approach has
>> nothing to do with the personalities of individuals like Jim
>> Robertson and Tim Wolforth. The problem is in the method.

Against NPAC Pop Fronts:

For Class Action Against the War
>from Spartacist supplement. July 1971

"The " Spring Offensive" is over, but the Vietnam war drags on. The Mayday
Tribe's threat to "Stop the Government" if the government did not stop the
war only demonstrated with what ruthless efficiency the government handles
radicals who talk about stopping the government but lack any means except
wishful thinking. The Mayday tribe represented merely a new chapter in the
conflict of perspectives which has been ingrained in the anti-war movement
since its inception: "respectable" reformism vs. petty bougeois adventurism.
Each outbreak of confrontationsism is greeted by a new wave of "we told you
so" from the radical-liberal-bougeois coalition dominated by the astute
class- collaborationist maneuvering of the ex-Trotskyist Socialist Workers
Party (SWP)."


Excerpts from a Spartacist supplement on the SWP. This was widely the
position also of the Mandelite European sections in the International
Majority Tendency (IMT)

And it was not just a matter of Ted Kennedy making a speech. The SWP adopted
the program of the liberal bougeoisie as their own. And there is a big
difference on how the SWP contacted its anti war work during the Korean War
and its during the Vietnam war. The Korean War work was Trotskyist and the
Vietnam war work was reformist.

Anyone interested in reading the whole supplement, let me know. And i am
sure their are some IMT people around who opposed the SWP from the left on
this matter. Not in the least the Swedish Usec.

Bob Malecki

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