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In the first place one must see Proyect's hostility to the TP and Trotsyism
in the fact that he was a product of the SWP in the United States who had
already broken with Trotskyism and become a reformist political formation.
Thus from the beginning his ideas of what Trotskyism is or was is tainted by
the Jack Barnes of the world.
Naturally the SWP other then in name was not Trotskyist at all except
perhaps to Proyect who was formed in this organisation.

>Louis: I believe that Trotsky represents the continuity of the thread in
>genuine Marxism between the rise of Stalin and his fall. He was virtually
>alone in applying a Marxist analysis to Fascism, the Chinese revolution,
>However, a renaissance of Marxism began to occur in the 1950s. Ironically
>it was a Trotskyist himself, Ernest Mandel, who helped to foster this
>growth. His role in influencing a generation of scholars and activists
>grouped around New Left Review is immeasurable.

Actually their is a degree of truth in what Proyect says here. Mandel did
influence a lot of people around this time. But it was hardly Trotskyism
that he was talking about. Mandel came from the Paloist school of
liquidation towards Stalinism after the second world war. But with a new twist.

Where Pablo wanted to liquidate Trotskyism and enter the Stainist parties at
the end of World war two with the line of centuries of deformed workers
states, Mandel who had the same impressionistic view leaned more towards
liquidating trotskyism in favor of Guerilla war especially after the events
in Cuba. In fact Mandel saw Che and maybe Fidel as unconcious Trotskyists
rather then realizing that Mandel himself was just adopting the Pabloist
methodology to break with Trotskyism. The only *real* difference being that
Pablo was tailing the Stalinists and Mandel the guerrilla warfare
ideology of Che and company. In fact many youthful and potential Trotskyist
cadre died in adopting Mandel's line. Especially in Latin America.
>The last hurrah of Trotskyism was in the 1960s when the Fourth
>International became a pole of attraction for radicalizing youth around
>the world. It went into a crisis in the 1970s and 1980s because it was
>limited by its existence as TrotskyISM.

In fact this was not the last Hurray as Proyect would believe. But and
important opportunity in history to intervene! Other opportunities will
arise in the future.
But the crisis Proyect is talking about in the 70ties and 80ties is
partially that the
mobilizations earlier were mainly around the campus. And the politics were
towards the petty bougeois student romantism of guerilla warfare instead of
a Trotskyist class perspective of workers revolution.
>TrotskyISM is a method. It tends to analyze every phenomenon by the
>doctrines of Trotsky. It forgets that a work like Permanent Revolution was
>written in response to the uneven and combined character of Tsarist

Proyect knows in reality nothing about Trotskyism. His schooling and
practice comes from the reformist SWP. The Permant revolution is based on
the article "results and prospects" in regard to the Russian revolution yes.
But it also has consequences even today.
>We should read this valuable work and the employ its method. Instead what
>happens with TrotskyISM is that the permanent revolution theory becomes a
>litmus paper test against which every new revolution is measured. It
>becomes at this point an obstacle to understanding reality, rather than an

Here Proyect says nothing other then this should be a guide for today. But
his line is to hate Trotskyism and in fact liquidate Trotskyism and replace
it with something else. Usually a party of the whole class if you have been
following his writtings. And sometimes tailing the FLSN or the Cuban CP at
best. A combination of reformism on the party question and centrism when it
comes to Latin America at best.
>As socialists, it is incumbent upon us to be the Lenins, Trotskys and Rosa
>Luxemburgs of our age. Unless we live up to this responsibility, we are
>doomed to live under capitalism permanently. Trotsky became a great
>theoretical and practical leader because he penetrated to the heart of
>Russian reality. If we are to do the same thing, we should be not be
>preoccupied with tracts from the 1930s.

Penetrating the hearts and minds and penetrating. But on which political
Trotsky penetrated Russian life with a program for revolution. That is why
he became a great leader.
>Read them, understand them, and then move forward. We should instead be
>reading things like the Financial Times, or Le Monde, just as Marx, Lenin
>and Trotsky did.

Reading and understanding is important also. However which program you
struggle around is far more important.
>I have yet to experience an original thought from any Trotskyist on the
>Internet, except Luciano Dondero, who I have grown to respect. The fact
>that the Militant tendency includes people like this in its ranks gives me
>hope for the future.

I will not comment on Dondero. However the militant tendency that i have
seen has hardly impressed. The militant tendency has a long history of
caopitulating to the Social Democracy. Of sinking to economism and the most
backward sections of the trade union at times. This combined with actually
using fake election ballots
top with social democratic names and their people names on the ballot and
tricking people under a false flag of voting for them.

Bob Malecki

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