'armed strikes' and workers' democracy : notes of a liquidator

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Oct 2 00:00:21 MDT 1996

Aldolfo writes;
>Mr. Plant should be ashamed of himself by reproducing that tract of
>counter-revolutionary propaganda emanating from wind-bags who - living
>within a revolutionary situation in which dual power exists - dare to
>challenge the people's justice when applied to snitches who they dress up as


August 8, 1937

"When Andres Nin, the leader of the POUM, was arrested in Barcelona, there
could not be the slightest doubt that agents of the GPU would not let him
out alive. The intentions of Stalin were revealed with exceptional clarity
when the GPU, which holds the Spanish police in its clutches, published an
announcement accusing Nin and the whole leadership of the POUM of being
"agents" of Franco."

Aldolfo is a reprise of this kind of Stalinist activity in the Peruvian
envionment of today. Under the cover of being the "communists" in Peru he
openly admits that it is open season on all other tendencies in the workers
movement.It is not the case of just "one snitch" but Adolfo's line which
quite openly advocates killing your political opponents in the workers movement.

Bob Malecki

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