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To complete the edition of El Diario Internacional, here we deliver the last
two articles in this edition.

Press Commission


Police sources revealed that Lima is one of the most dangerous cities in
Latin America.  1995 registered 429 murders committed by criminals, that is
an average of over 1 murder per day.  The data we reproduce here show that
the growth of crime has been constant throughout the Fujimori years:

Year                    Number of Murders

1991                    202
1992                    332
1993                    365
1994                    397
1995                    429

Godfathers of the Drug Mafia

Recently, the drug mafia godfather known by the moniker of "Vatican"
(recluded in a Peruvian prison) declared that his "organisation" had been
paying 50.000 dollars a month directly to Fujimori's aide de camp, Vladimiro

A few months ago a Peruvian Navy vessel was discovered carrying a gargantuan
amount of cocaine.  A month before that particular scandal, the current
military attache at Fujimori's Presidential Office - an Air Force Commander
- was arrested when preparing to fly a plane loaded with 170 kilograms of
the purest cocaine produced in the Peruvian jungle.

That the Peruvian government is up to its ears in the drug trade is nothing
new. What is somehow new is the reaction of a US Officer based in Panama,
Southern Command.  This Yankee military man declared a few weeks ago: "Peru
and the Peruvian government have a good reputation in the war against drugs"


During the Fujimori period (1990-1996) Peruvian foreign debt went from
19,163 to 32,445 million dollars.  A rate of growth of no less than 67%.

Never before in the history of Peru has the level of foreign debt risen so
much in such a short span of time.  In sixty months of this government
17,897 million dollars more were added to the burden that the Peruvian
people must pay with hunger and misery.


(July 1996)

DAY      PLACE            TYPE OF ACTION

2/7     La Morada               Guerillas seize the town
2/7     Alto Huallaga           Palma de pino industrial complex attacked
2/7     Pataz-Ancash            Guerillas seize the town
2/7     Retama Ancash           100 strong guerrilla force destroys
                                state installation
3/7     San Martin-Lima         State installation dynamited
3/7     Alto Huallaga           3 soldiers die in clash with guerillas
9/7     San Luis-Lima           Fujimori party woman activist attacked
9/7     Ate Vitarte-Lima        House of local Fujimori party leader blown-up
9/7     Rimac-Lima              Guerillas take over the hospital
15/7    Callao-Lima             Town Halls are attacked
15/7    Miraflores-Lima         Luxury Hotel attacked
26/7    Lima (Central)          Powerful car bomb destroys police headquarters
29/7    San Borja-Lima          High ranking military officer's villa dynamited
29/7    Huancavelica            Private road companies installations seized


This completes El Diario Internacional Number 35

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