German "Hot Autumn"

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Tue Oct 1 12:27:01 MDT 1996

Jon Flanders wrote:
>   It appears that a big fight is brewing in Germany. It may be a repeat of the
> French upheaval. The employers are attempting to impose cuts in benefits
> without negotiations, while previously existing contracts are still in place.
>   I wish our European brothers and sisters well. They can look at us, in the
> USA, if they want to see where their conditions of employment are heading.
>   E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 01-Oct-1996
I think that the ruling class are looking to other places than the US on
the globe as their targets for conditions of employment levels. At the
moment it is Japan; next year- S.Korea; the year after- Thailand;
followed by Peru, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. In other words, if there is
anywhere that they can point to and say that this is the competition
that we have to beat; then that is the standard that they aspire to.

It will be interesting to see what develops in the land of the "social
partners" now that their rulers do not find it neccessary to buy class
collaboration after re-unification. These cuts may have come as a shock
to the "wessies", but the "ossie" workers, especially women, saw the
real face of their new masters within weeks of the take-over.


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