'armed strikes' and workers' democracy : notes of a liquidator

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Wed Oct 2 07:51:57 MDT 1996

>Aldolfo writes;
>>Mr. Plant should be ashamed of himself by reproducing that tract of
>>counter-revolutionary propaganda emanating from wind-bags who - living
>>within a revolutionary situation in which dual power exists - dare to
>>challenge the people's justice when applied to snitches who they dress up as
>August 8, 1937
>"When Andres Nin, the leader of the POUM, was arrested in Barcelona, there
>could not be the slightest doubt that agents of the GPU would not let him
>out alive. The intentions of Stalin were revealed with exceptional clarity
>when the GPU, which holds the Spanish police in its clutches, published an
>announcement accusing Nin and the whole leadership of the POUM of being
>"agents" of Franco."
>Aldolfo is a reprise of this kind of Stalinist activity in the Peruvian
>envionment of today. Under the cover of being the "communists" in Peru he
>openly admits that it is open season on all other tendencies in the workers
>movement.It is not the case of just "one snitch" but Adolfo's line which
>quite openly advocates killing your political opponents in the workers
>Bob Malecki

Malecki - you are so stupid and lazy.  Always trying to mix-up different
kettles of fish.  In Peru it is not the GPU who is saying that the best
strategy for the DEFENCE OF THE RULING CLASS STATE is to use "leftists"
infiltrated in the social fabric, unions, "popular organisations", etc. IT
is the bloody rich speaking in the "tongues of the bogus leftists and
windbags like you" who CONFESS that these organisms, whatever flag of
convenience they may fly, are THEIR BEST BET in their ANTI-PEOPLES WAR.

Thankfully we NEVER ACCEPTED you into ANY United Front FOR THE REVOLUTION,
you silly reactionary twit!  Malecki and the Peruvian Military High Command
have the very same bloody counter-revolutionary STRATEGY against the LIVING

Here is what YOUR FUJIMORI GENERALS in charge of massacress and genocide
have to say:

Q- General, and in the cities, what is the tactic that is being implemented
against the Shining Path?

General Cisneros - I believe that the best way is the way that that lass Moyano
(Maria Elena Moyano) was transiting.  It is through those means that I see
the political road opening up. The country cannot be organised for defence
against the rebellion just because the President of the Republic signs a decree.

That is why the effective part of the work of this lass laid in her
condition as a township authority - she was the Assistant Mayor of Villa El
Salvador (Peruvian complex of shantytowns in the southern outskirts of
Lima). She was there inside an organisation of women, children, labourers.
She was knitting together the social fabric in order to prevent Shining Path
>from getting a foothold.  And there whre Shining Path tried to come in, she
would confront them and inform on them.  That is why they killed her.
Because that is the right task, that is the right way.

If we continue to promote our reaction in that fashion, and if we can put many
Maria Elena Moyanos to work inside the different organisms that are needed
to knit together the social fabric, we can begin to control the rebellion.
We lack
the sufficient number of people who would inform on the subversives who are
working within the social organisations, in the schools, the universities,
etc. I believe that this is the most effective way".

And that, malecki, for your information, was not the GPU, nor was it Russia
in 1917 or Spain in 1936.  It is 1996, it is Peru, and it is General Luis
Cisneros Vizquerra, former Minister of War and Minister of Defense of the
reactionary Peruvian state of imperialism and the ruling classes.  Now you
know WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON, chepa little provocateur.  Why don't you publish
this letter also in your book?  What would the "poor and working class
people say about you now?  Snooging with the reactionary generals, malecki,
the roach?  Of course, Roaches to roaches, as I have already said many times.


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