Nadjibullah finally elevated to rightful place

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Wed Oct 2 03:51:35 MDT 1996

The islamic "Talibans" who have recently conquered Kabul in
Afghanistan, in the unfortunate internal fighting which has
followed on the social-imperialists' forced retreat, are a pretty
reactionary lot, it seems. But one thing they did well: They hung
Nadjibullah, the infamous pro-Soviet Quisling.

Posing as a "communist", that person served as an underling
under the invading Soviet social-imperialist forces in Afghanistan
which wrought such great destruction in the country.

There in history have been other such persons as Nadjibullah,
too, and considering the extraordinarily great love that
some people who're calling themselves "Marxists" are showing
precisely for - the today happily defeated - social-imperialism,
it's quite possible that there are those who'd like to become such.
His end then might be a wholesome lesson to them.

A surname of a person from the country where I was born, that
of Vidkun Quisling, who was the Hitler fascists' underling in
Norway during part of their occupation of that country 1940-45,
has become synonymous with treason, at least in our part of the
world. To some extent, the name of Nadjibullah too became symbolic,
for people calling themselves "communists" but being revisionist

It's true, there was CIA involvement on the other side of that
was against the social-imperialist invaders in Afghanistan. And
the politics of some of those forces fighting the invaders were/are
not the most progressive. But the struggle against that aggressor
of course was a just one anyway.

The end of Nadjubullah should be remembered.

Rolf M.

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