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Questions to Adolfo:

Hugh sent me a document from you. In that message you said that in Lima, in
1963, there was a soviet which you were one of the leaders at your 20-21
years old. You compare yourself with Trotsky when he had 26 years old and
led the Petrograd Soviet.

I am a Peruvian and much younger that you.I am a modest militant whithout
such record. I like to study history and specially from the workers
movement. I have to confess to you that I had *never* read nothing about a
soviet in Lima in the entire 1960s. The most radical actions in early 1960s
were in Cuzco when Hugo Blanco, a so call trotskyist, led a peasant union
rebellion which "liberated" some areas in the mountains for very short time.
In 1962 and 1963 Lima was the centre of electoral campaigns (we had two
presidential elections). In 1962 a "constitutionalist" coup d'etat took
power and convined elections for mid-1963, which was won by Belaunde, who
was supported by the Communist Party (PCP).

I never read nothing about a liberated zone in Lima in the 1960s. The most
radical working class action in Lima where the general strikes of 19 July
1977 and May 1978.

Could you enrich my knowledge of history and write more about that Limean
1- Which factories and shanty town were around it?
2- Which was their main base?
3- Who were their leaders? Whiuch was their programme and platform?
4- In which date it happened?
J. Ponce

>>>Adolfo said:
" Do you know what I was doing at the age of 20 or 21?  You do not!
I never blow my trumpet Vladimir, nor have I ever encouraged anyone to blow
any trumpets on my behalf.

But if personal achievements interest you so much, you could look into the
records of the Peruvian police and Military Courts who at that time (1963)
instituted a Military trial (Second Police Zone Supreme Military Tribunal,
Lima Peru - Corte Suprema de la Segunda Zona Judicial de Policia) against me
for basically the same reasons you think Of Trotsky as so dizzy with his own
historical role and personal genius.

At that early age, I too had been propelled by the actions of the labouring
masses and revolutionary students to be head of such an organ of seizure of
power as a Soviet is, and we then held liberated territory for a number of
days, and defended it with the force of arms in the capital city of my own
country until we were defeated and had to go underground.

True, I was not born a mighty Russian nor was I alive in 1905, nor these
events - among many which are but quite frequent occurrences in countries
like Peru got so much attention from historians or even left intellectuals.
That only goes to show the Eurocentrism which people now are finally
beginning to find rather tiresome, and essential part and parcel of the
social-chauvinistic mentality of the bogus Left of the imperialist

However, after the ruling classes managed to defeat - like they did in
Russia with the 1905 Soviet - by superior force the heroic resistance OF THE
remained underground for some months, and was finally captured while trying
to continue the struggle,  I too stood accussed of organising armed groups,
rebellion against the constituted power, seizure of public property, treason
to the motherland and insult to the flag and the symbols of the motherland.
Why?  For very much the same thing, seizing power and confronting the state
with the power of the armed revolution (that is all a Soviet is) and raising
the red flag of the proletariat vis-a-vis the symbols and flags of the state
of the ruling classes.

However, unlike Trotsky, or malecki, the fact that it befell to me the duty
to preside over this heroic attempt of the oppressed classes in Peru - which
may not be mighty Russia, but is my own country nevertheless - does not give
me any illusions of personal grandeur like Trotsky seems to have had and
transmitted to fools like you.  It is the masses who are the real heroes and
who do all the real fighting, and anything you do as a person, is just as
mere part and parcel of a class action of which you are just another fighter

How is your coffee tasting now, Bilenkin?  I think that rather milky-white?

Adolfo Olaechea

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