Maoist liquidation of Trotskyists : Notes of a liquidator

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Wed Oct 2 12:07:37 MDT 1996

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>>It is evident that in the case of Chiara - like in all cases where
>snitches have been executed - it was the workers themselves who
>demanded that the PCP would implement the people's justice in that
>Adolfo, please present your evidence in support of this statement.
>jplant at

And who is Mr. Plant to demand evidence?  A superior Court to those of the
people in Peru?  All those executed - if Chiara was indeed executed and is
not an invention of the security services who work hand in hand with Phoney
leftists in spreading bogus stories and fabricating Zubatov style organism
like Poder Obrero - by the People's Guerillas are previously condemned by
Peoples Tribunals.

Would Mr. Plant have demanded proof of the snitching and
counter-revolutionary activities of the thousand of Mensheviks and SR
executed by Trotsky?  Who does he believe he is?  The Supreme Court of the
United States?

Amazing the arrogance of the Western bourgeois intellectuals passing
themselves as revolutionaries!


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