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     Seriously, do you have a statement from one of your
generals about Chiara to validate the "decision of the
masses" regarding him?

Barkley Rosser
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> >Aldolfo writes;
> >>
> >>Mr. Plant should be ashamed of himself by reproducing that tract of
> >>counter-revolutionary propaganda emanating from wind-bags who - living
> >>within a revolutionary situation in which dual power exists - dare to
> >>challenge the people's justice when applied to snitches who they dress up as
> >>"Leftists".
> >>
> >
> >
> >August 8, 1937
> >
> >"When Andres Nin, the leader of the POUM, was arrested in Barcelona, there
> >could not be the slightest doubt that agents of the GPU would not let him
> >out alive. The intentions of Stalin were revealed with exceptional clarity
> >when the GPU, which holds the Spanish police in its clutches, published an
> >announcement accusing Nin and the whole leadership of the POUM of being
> >"agents" of Franco."
> >
> >Aldolfo is a reprise of this kind of Stalinist activity in the Peruvian
> >envionment of today. Under the cover of being the "communists" in Peru he
> >openly admits that it is open season on all other tendencies in the workers
> >movement.It is not the case of just "one snitch" but Adolfo's line which
> >quite openly advocates killing your political opponents in the workers
> movement.
> >
> >Bob Malecki
> >
> Malecki - you are so stupid and lazy.  Always trying to mix-up different
> kettles of fish.  In Peru it is not the GPU who is saying that the best
> strategy for the DEFENCE OF THE RULING CLASS STATE is to use "leftists"
> infiltrated in the social fabric, unions, "popular organisations", etc. IT
> is the bloody rich speaking in the "tongues of the bogus leftists and
> windbags like you" who CONFESS that these organisms, whatever flag of
> convenience they may fly, are THEIR BEST BET in their ANTI-PEOPLES WAR.
> Thankfully we NEVER ACCEPTED you into ANY United Front FOR THE REVOLUTION,
> you silly reactionary twit!  Malecki and the Peruvian Military High Command
> have the very same bloody counter-revolutionary STRATEGY against the LIVING
> Here is what YOUR FUJIMORI GENERALS in charge of massacress and genocide
> have to say:
> Q- General, and in the cities, what is the tactic that is being implemented
> against the Shining Path?
> General Cisneros - I believe that the best way is the way that that lass Moyano
> (Maria Elena Moyano) was transiting.  It is through those means that I see
> the political road opening up. The country cannot be organised for defence
> against the rebellion just because the President of the Republic signs a decree.
> That is why the effective part of the work of this lass laid in her
> condition as a township authority - she was the Assistant Mayor of Villa El
> Salvador (Peruvian complex of shantytowns in the southern outskirts of
> Lima). She was there inside an organisation of women, children, labourers.
> She was knitting together the social fabric in order to prevent Shining Path
> from getting a foothold.  And there whre Shining Path tried to come in, she
> would confront them and inform on them.  That is why they killed her.
> Because that is the right task, that is the right way.
> If we continue to promote our reaction in that fashion, and if we can put many
> Maria Elena Moyanos to work inside the different organisms that are needed
> to knit together the social fabric, we can begin to control the rebellion.
> We lack
> the sufficient number of people who would inform on the subversives who are
> working within the social organisations, in the schools, the universities,
> etc. I believe that this is the most effective way".
> And that, malecki, for your information, was not the GPU, nor was it Russia
> in 1917 or Spain in 1936.  It is 1996, it is Peru, and it is General Luis
> Cisneros Vizquerra, former Minister of War and Minister of Defense of the
> reactionary Peruvian state of imperialism and the ruling classes.  Now you
> know WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON, chepa little provocateur.  Why don't you publish
> this letter also in your book?  What would the "poor and working class
> people say about you now?  Snooging with the reactionary generals, malecki,
> the roach?  Of course, Roaches to roaches, as I have already said many times.
> Adolfo
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