(FWD) Re: 'armed strikes' and workers' democracy : notes of a liquidator

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Wed Oct 2 13:22:25 MDT 1996

Rosser Jr, John Barkley wrote:
>      Well, I probably shouldn't get into this, but...
>      I have no idea whether or not Chiara was a police
> agent or what.  But I am somewhat bothered by elements of
> Adolfo's argumentation, which echoes things we have heard
> before from him.  In short, how do "the masses decide" that
> someone is a police agent?  Do they have a "mass meeting"
> and vote?  Do a handful of activists report to a handful of
> party leaders who then secretly decide to act?  I suspect
> it is the latter, which does not exactly sound to me like
> "the masses" deciding doodly squat.

What do you expect in a civil war? They do not have referendums and
secret postal ballots. If the party engaged in that war is a part of the
people; if it is reflecting the wishes and interests of the working
class, then surely you cannot critisise them for taking actions that
they feel are necessary, unless you are questioning the legitimacy of
that party. If you are, then you should say so openly, and back up what
you say. You should say what your opinion of the other side is, and back
up that arguement. Otherwise your intervention is just being

I do not have a great knowledge on this subject. That is why I have kept
out of this debate. Recently discussion has been conducted in a very
positive way, and we have all learned much more about the struggle in
Peru. I get the feeling that some people would like to heat it up again,
then no-one can learn anything!


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