On Najibullah

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Oct 2 17:54:38 MDT 1996

>I was frankly sickened by Rolf Martens recent post celebrating the
>execution,  by the newTaliban fundamentalist regime in Kabul,  of the former
>Afghan President,  Najibullah.
>I won't comment here on Mr Martens'  assessment of the historical
>viccissitudes of the past 17 years,  other than to say that while the
>Peoples' Democratic Party of Afghanistan [PDPA] made numerous (and highly
>visible) errors in their twelve years of rule,  their sins were and are
>dwarfed by the actions of their enemies.

Ah yes, ooonly a little error, you see, such as rolling out the
rrrrrrred welcome carpet to the Soviet social-imperialist invaders
and ravagers of the country, and aiding and abetting that aggression.

Just a small error!

The least said about any criticism of that, the better!

How very communist! And there are those who don't trust those
nice persons who are such defenders of the people's interests,
so great proletarian internationalists. How can that be?

Rolf M.

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