Lenin's "On Cooperation"

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On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, Louis N Proyect wrote:

>this. He said that Marx's hope that a socialism in Russia might directly
>arise out of peasant communes had resonance in these writings.
>During the discussion period I stated that this theme did not end with
>Marx. Lenin himself started out implicitly rejecting Marx's hopes
>when he attacked Russian populists who had similar beliefs, but
>reversed himself late in life. His "On Cooperation" projects a rural and
>village-base agricultural model for the USSR.

In "On Cooperation" Lenin emphazises the importance of cooperations during
the process of building a socialist society. In this respect it is an
explicit self-criticism of political errors during the periods of "state
capitalism" and "NEP". But this does not mean that Lenin projected a rural
and village-based agricultural model for the USSR.

In the Collected Works Lenin's article "On Cooperation" is followed by his
"On our Revolution". Here he implicitly emphazises - as he ever did - Marx'
differentiation of two general political tactics - political tactics for
countries with developed capitalistic relations of production [then England]
and undeveloped relations [France, Germany, Russia] respectively.

For a comprehensive examination of Lenin's texts and their context see

Projekt Klassenanalyse
[Authors' Collective "Project Group on Class Analysis"]:
Leninismus - neue Stufe des wissenschaftlichen Sozialismus? -
Zum Verhaeltnis von Marxscher Theorie, Klassenanalyse und revolutionaerer
Taktik bei W. I. Lenin.
[Leninism - New Stage of Scientific Socialism? -
Marxian Theory, Class Analysis, and Revolutionary Tactics in V. I. Lenin],
Westberlin 1972: VSA-Verlag, 777 p.

for "On Cooperation"  - pp. 679-682
for Problems of Building Socialism in Russia - pp. 527-684
for the Communist International's Political Tactics - pp. 685-768.

By the way, if these two brief 1923 articles by Lenin could be scanned
[David, may I beg you for this favour?] and sent to the list it would be
obvious that it is childish to start a quarrel on the question of "building
socialism in one country" based on these articles.

In consideration of the recent efforts to destroy this Marxism list it would
not be an appropriate manner to republish the articles on this list, but
nevertheless we could take them as an optimistic view of the prospects for
both the start and the future of the moderated list Marxism-International.

Let's put an end to this list here by just listening to a little piece
written by one of our classical exponents - at least for once.

Louis, I assume you agree.


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