'armed strikes' and workers' democracy : notes of a liquidator

Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at jmu.edu
Wed Oct 2 15:32:39 MDT 1996

     OK, fair enough.  You don't know who this Chiara was.
I don't either.  If you don't, then why are you so sure
that the decision to execute him was made fairly "by the
masses," if indeed he was executed by the PCP, or if indeed
he ever existed?
     BTW, I remind you that I have always been very careful
to state the limits of my knowledge and the related depths
of my ignorance regarding Peruvian affairs.  I don't know
what the facts are here, and apparently you don't either.
So, perhaps you should be a bit more careful about what you
say before you, as you frequently do, start lobbing all
kinds of accusations around.
Barkley Rosser
On Wed, 2 Oct 1996 20:40:56 +0100 (BST) hariette spierings
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> >Adolfo,
> >     Seriously, do you have a statement from one of your
> >generals about Chiara to validate the "decision of the
> >masses" regarding him?
> >
> Look Rosser - you give credence to the allegations of the Peruvian maleckis
> - political fleas who are only known in Maleckian-Trotskyst circles and have
> nothing but a couple of "Leftie Jehova's witnesses" posing as "militants" in
> Peru.  Who this famous Chiara may be, I do not know.
> What I know is that the slander against the Peruvian revolution accussing it
> of "assassinating leftists" is a tactic in which the military high command
> uses SPECIFICALLY this kind of of Zubatov agents and informers posing as
> militants of the "left".
> Here is what General Sinecio Jarama said in his interview:
> "This is because many politicians have found it easy to speak of terrorism
> and not of armed rebellion.  By doing so they can use the police and the
> Armed Forces and throw them in to destroy the terrorists.  Finishing with
> the terrorists the problem is finished.  But, are things really like that in
> Peru?  No.
> I am going to tell you something.  We are interested, for political and
> strategic reasons to present the problem in these terms:
> "Look here ladies and gentlemen:  the bloodthirsty methods of Shining Path!
> Look here!  And the Human Rights organisations have not yet condemned them".
> And we begin to parade some corpses:
> "Look here!  Look how they assassinated Mrs Moyano (Mother Courage - the
> "leftist" Maria Elena Moyano).  Look here!  LOOK HOW THEY assassinated THIS
> And, about the roots of these problems?  Nothing.  This is how we have been
> conducting things AND IT SUIT US.  It is one method.  We are at war.  We
> always portray them as murderers.  But they are not murderers, it is simply
> that we are engaged in a struggle for power with them".
> Rosser, are you sure you did not go to the same Military Academy as the
> Peruvian fascists generals?
> If you did not, then you will see clearly that malecki's "martyred" hero
> comes under the sub-title of THIS ONE, AND THIS OTHER, and that the
> Trotskyst in this list are playing the same tune as the Military fascists
> because it also SUITS THEM!
> Adolfo
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