Afghanistan and islamic reaction : Notes of a liquidator

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Oct 2 19:21:42 MDT 1996

At 7:49 PM 10/2/96, Jj Plant wrote:

>The victory of the islamic reactionaries in Afghanistan, whatever it
>means to present and former Stalinists in the area (who should all be
>unconditionally defended against capital punishment or summary

They should be defended against more than that. Compared to the mujahideen,
the "Stalinists" were a civilizing force in Afghanistan. To quote a remark
that got Alex Cockburn in lots of trouble when he made it (in response to
hyperbole about the "rape" of Afghanistan), if there was ever a country
that deserved to be raped, it was Afghanistan. I wouldn't put it exactly
that way, but you get the drift.



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