Volume controls?

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Wed Oct 2 14:51:31 MDT 1996

Hanno Scholtz wrote:
> Re: Volume controls?
> Tue, 01.10.96
> Chris, and all,
> > Is there much to be lost by trying out volume controls straightaway,
> > in testing the ideas for the new lists?
> after having seen the quantitative muddling on *marxism* just over a short
> period, this would seem a very interesting idea to me. Good ideas don't
> need that much text around them, the quality of a text may gain if one
> posts it as the only one a day, and if someone wants to publicize longer
> texts, she may use *marxism* as an anouncement board. (By the way: more
> urls to internet-texts would be highly appreciated.) I hope, spoons got
> the right software.
> Being very interested in marx's and marxist thought, but not necessarily
> myself marxist, I may not be the right one to address such questions. But
> for sure I'm not the only one who's interested in having *marxism* as a
> *readable* intro this field.
> Hanno
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Hello Hanno,

I agree in principle with the limiting of the volume of posts per person
per day, but I think that one would be too severe. I also agree that
quantity is not always the best way to communicate. Sometimes I do not
have time to read very long postings, especially when the ideas and
thoughts could be communicated in a fraction of the words used.

BTW I looked at your web page and the link to the youth organisation
that you are involved with - well designed pages. Perhaps you could
share your thoughts on the present situation in Germany.


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