On Najibullah

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Oct 2 23:52:15 MDT 1996

>I was frankly sickened by Rolf Martens recent post celebrating the
>execution,  by the newTaliban fundamentalist regime in Kabul,  of the former
>Afghan President,  Najibullah.

Louis is absolutely right on this question. In fact Martens and the Maoists
are trying to cover their tracks. It was these kinds of people they were
supporting against the Soviet Union's intervention in Afghanistan why
Trotskyist defended. And now when the political program of these
fundementalists is seen for everybody Martens is covering his ass. By the
way they did the same thing in Iran. But in Iran the Maoists themselves
wound up in the torture cells of the Mullahs.

Although in noway can i take responsibility for the Soviet Unions
intervention the reforms were a good step and should be defended.

Bob Malecki

Bob Malecki
>I won't comment here on Mr Martens'  assessment of the historical
>viccissitudes of the past 17 years,  other than to say that while the
>Peoples' Democratic Party of Afghanistan [PDPA] made numerous (and highly
>visible) errors in their twelve years of rule,  their sins were and are
>dwarfed by the actions of their enemies.
>As far as Mr Martens' reading of the historical record itself is concerned,
>well,  the less said about that the better.
>The governments of the PDPA,  it should be remembered,  instituted a system
>of universal education,  literacy,  health care,  and subsidized housing in
>nearly all of the 30 provinces of the country.    They fashioned a labor law
>that was the most progressive in Asia,  admitting workers from both the
>public and private sectors to specialized secondary and higher schools
>regardless of nationality,  age,  sex or other factors,  providing for free
>child care,  and raising wages by an average of 26 per cent (with the lowest
>paid receiving raises of up to 50 per cent).    They subsidized the
>distribution of petrol, diesel fuel,  kerosene,  sugar, wheat flour, and
>firewood and other staples to such an extent that famine in areas under
>their control was virtually eliminated.
>But by far the most important reform instituted by the successive PDPA
>governments involved land reform.    In the three major land reform acts
>(1978,  1981,  1985),  the effects were not confined to a redistribution of
>land in favor of the poorest peasant families.    They gave impetus to the
>growing cooperative movement and freed the peasants from the grip of
>landowners and usurers.    The same acts provided for the mass education of
>all in the countryside under the slogan "Everybody at the school desk",
>and attempted to put an end to discrimination against ethnic minorities,
>especially in the areas of culture and language.
>Opposed to this was the mujadaheen--a cancerous class of parasites,  the
>mullahs, the landowners,  the usurers-frenziedly feeding on the largesse of
>the Saudis,  the Iranians,  the Pakistanis and,  of course,  the most
>loathesome entity of all,  the Reagan--Casey CIA.     And since this is the
>Marxism list,  let us not fail to acknowledge the SWP,  the ISO,  and others
>who,  while as notably effective as a wet fart in a monsoon as far as doing
>anything good,  are always willing to jump in at imperialism's behest,
>increasingly now even before being asked.  The back of my hand to all of them.
>And to you,  Mr Martens.
>Louis Godena
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