Gorbachev, Occhetto and the Withering Away of the Socialist State

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Wed Oct 2 23:32:25 MDT 1996

Louis R Godena wrote:
> .........Shortly thereafter,  Gorbachev would deliver his well-known speech to the
> 20th All-Union Conference of the CPSU in which he outlined for the first
> time his version of Occhetto's scenario,  though with more finesse and with
> greater attention to detail.    The state as a vehicle to usher in the era
> of communism was replaced by a state doomed to extinction by the vagaries of
> individual freedom within the context of global capitalism.
> And this at a time when the western Communist parties (including my own
> CPUSA)`were still praising Gorbachev to the skies.    Only the Greek party
> demurred,  declaring ill-humoredly that perestroika was "just a passing
> fad".
> They were,   I suppose,  right about that.
> Louis (G)

To our shame, I suppose, we were also praising Gorbachev. I am glad that
there were voices of doubt right from the begining, and by mid 1988 we
were certainly starting to distance ourselves from Gorbachev.

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