Fred Ferguson on Malecki

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Oct 2 23:52:04 MDT 1996

>On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Jj Plant wrote:
>> Reposted from apst. For the very first time we have some substantial
>> documentation. Ferguson has a good record in the workers movement and
>> I take his factual statement as good coin. This in no respect changes
>> my estimation of Malecki's recent activity.
>Louis: I looked through the Washington Post for the month of November,
>1969. There is absolutely nothing about Malecki in there. Meanwhile, I
>heard from some Sparts that the only reason he is in Sweden is because he
>fragged some officer in Vietnam and can't go home. The Sparts meanwhile
>are convinced that this is true. It's funny we've never heard anything
>about that.

With Fred F's letter the evidence just keeps piling up against the yellow
journalist Proyect. In 4 days it will be two weeks when you promised the
list your dossier exposing Malecki as a cop and agent provacateur in the pay
of the government.

Seems as if the only thing you can come with is more yellow journalism
Proyect. Time is getting short for you. I think you are going to need a
ticket on a Concorde if your are going to meet your deadline.

Besides, if i had fragged and officer in Vietnam, would it make a
difference? Would that make me a cop and agent provacateur?

bob Malecki

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