Let M2 live!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Oct 2 23:52:20 MDT 1996

>    I have said this already on M2, but I'll say it too
>here.  I agree with Jerry Levy on this one.  Let M2 live!
>It ain't broke, so why fix it?  To the extent that it has a
>problem it is because the proliferation of new lists is
>dissipating some of its old threads off to them.  I find
>the assertion that marxism-theory better not just be M2
>relabeled absurd.  If the M2 crowd wants to go there and
>make it M2 again, why not?  The reasons for cancelling M2
>are ridiculous and amount to "restructuring for the sake of
>restructuring" all too much of which many of us have seen
>in many institutions everywhere.  Let Jukka Laari be the
>new moderator and let M2 be!
>Barkley Rosser

Well, OK Let M2 live! But them Let M1 live also! And use Marxism intro live

Bob malecki

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