Fred Ferguson on Malecki

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Oct 2 23:51:52 MDT 1996

>Reposted from apst. For the very first time we have some substantial
>documentation. Ferguson has a good record in the workers movement and
>I take his factual statement as good coin. This in no respect changes
>my estimation of Malecki's recent activity.
>What I want to know is who appointed this guy to check *anyone's*
>credentials? And who checks *his* credentials? Or, as the Spartacists
>once asked the Workers League: "who gave Gerry Healy HIS security
>For what its worth *Mr.* Project, I was in the anti-war movement from
>the earliest days, and while I was not in the pacifist, fake-blood
>wing, I vividly remember the raids on draft board files and
>particularly Malecki's involvement in the Silver Springs, Md.
>If you find Malecki's posts don't agree with your narrow view of the
>world--why don't you get a reader with a filter and set it to not
>display anything signed by him?
>For myself, I rather like his slant on things. For example the very
>well done piece he posted on the Ban the Bomb folks the other day. I
>found it quite to the point vis-a-vie the kind of middle class schmuck
>that you occasionally find on this board.
>Fred Ferguson
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>jplant at

Thanks for forwarding this from Usenet Plant. I am in the process of moving
and have not had the time.

Fred, thanks for the letter.

Bob Malecki

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