Statement to Tony Blair

Adam Rose adam at
Thu Oct 3 02:57:01 MDT 1996

Below is a "Statement to Tony Blair" which we have been asking people
to sign, to try to take advantage of the unprecedented discontent
with Labour before they form a government.

It already has a incredibly impressive list of signatories from the core
of the trade union movement - eg my friend Brian was on the recent dockers
demonstration, and went up to these railworkers carrying a banner, and
asked them to sign it, which they all did, no problem.

Only later did he realise that he had just got the entire RMT national
executive to commit themselves to fighting a Labour government !

We plan to publish it in the guardian with a list of names, and also
in local papers with a list of more local signatures.


Adam Rose


Statement to Tony Blair

After 17 years of Tory rule, there is a desperate need to restore working
people's right to organise and defend their wages and conditions and to
show solidarity with each other. There is an equal need for far reaching
social change to overcome the blight of low wages and welfare cuts on the one
hand and ever greater tax cuts and handouts to the very rich on the other.

This is why we are angry at recent statements from Labour Party leaders which
suggest a Labour  government will continue many Tory policies.

We protest:
1.  At statements from David Blunkett and Tony Blair suggesting that Labour will
not only keep the present anti union laws, but may make them tougher.
They said that "legislation cannot be ruled out" to replace free collective
bargaining by "binding arbitration" and to enable employers and the courts to
delay industrial action with still more ballots
2.  At statements from shadow employment minister Stephen Byers suggesting that
Labour should sever its links with the unions the moment the election has been
won with union money.
3.  At Tony Blair's backing for shadow industry minister Kim Howell's call
for Labour to abandon any talk of socialism.

We call for the Labour Party to repudiate all these statements.
We commit ourselves to fight any attempt by Labour - in opposition or in office
- to persue policies based on them.

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