Lenin demanded Stalin's removal : notes of a liquidator

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>A "testament", instead of the passing opinion of a leader who was
>quite remote, and had been so due to his illness from the day to day
>affairs of the Party and subjected to the pesterings of the Trotsky
>coterie with all their tittle tattle, was to be regarded - contrary
>to the opinion of the majority of the LEADERS of the Party - and
that >is what democratic centralism is all about - as a matter of the

1.      Right. Certain on Lenin's last documents, notably 'On
Co-operation' are of crucial importance, but others are to be
rejected because Lenin was 'remote'. And Adolfo wishes to accuss me
for being 'selective' in references to Lenin ?

2.      Very detailed diaries were kept by Fotieva, Volodichyeva and
the other secretaries who attended Lenin during his final months.
They have been published. They demonstrate beyond all doubt that your
petty slanders about 'pestering' are a deliberate lie.

The testament said "I suggest that comrades think about a way
to remove Stalin from the GS". Lenin was not giving orders to the
Party, he was giving it his deeply considered advice, knowing that he
was dying and feeling the need to make his final contributions in the
form of such advice. He did not consider Stalin fit for high office,
and he committed that view to writing. He had previously threatened
to break off all relations with Stalin, and had prepared a report
savagely critical of Stalin and his supporters over their treatment
of the Georgians.

When the Party was eventually able to see this material they voted
that it should be published. You ask "As to why it was not published
in the "Lenin Miscellany", so what?"  The Party makes a decision in
Congress and the GS ignores it. And you want to lecture me about
'democratic centralism' ? You discredit yourself with every post you

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