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Thu Oct 3 11:43:38 MDT 1996

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Rolf Martens wrote:

Louis Godena:
> >I was frankly sickened by Rolf Martens recent post celebrating the
> >execution,  by the newTaliban fundamentalist regime in Kabul,  of the former
> >Afghan President,  Najibullah.
> >
> >I won't comment here on Mr Martens'  assessment of the historical
> >viccissitudes of the past 17 years,  other than to say that while the
> >Peoples' Democratic Party of Afghanistan [PDPA] made numerous (and highly
> >visible) errors in their twelve years of rule,  their sins were and are
> >dwarfed by the actions of their enemies.

Rolf M
> Ah yes, ooonly a little error, you see, such as rolling out the
> rrrrrrred welcome carpet to the Soviet social-imperialist invaders
> and ravagers of the country, and aiding and abetting that aggression.
> Just a small error!
> The least said about any criticism of that, the better!
> How very communist! And there are those who don't trust those
> nice persons who are such defenders of the people's interests,
> so great proletarian internationalists. How can that be?
> Rolf M.

This view of Rolf Martens, effectively celebrating the hanging of
Najibullah, flows from a theory of the Three Worlds, promulagated in
the PRC during Chairman Mao's time. According to this theory,
the First World (western countries) was imperialist whereas the
Second world (Soviet Union) was social imperialist (imperialism
disguised as socialism) and the two jointly exploited and oppressed
the Third World. Though the first and second worlds were equally
responsible for imperialism, the second-world social imperialism was,
in an sense, more dangerous (due to the masquerade) and had to be combatted
by all necessary means. This led the PRC to support some tyrannical
right-wing regimes like Pakistan (ruled by Gen. Yahya Khan), Iran, UNITA
(led by Jonas Savimbi), and if I am not mistaken, even tacit support
for South Africa, since the opposition ANC was receiving aid from the
Soviet Union.

The culmination of this policy led to the famous scene of Chairman
Mao shaking hands with Nixon while bombs were falling in Vietnam. It is
difficult to determine who were the actual actors behind the Three
Worlds doctrine (Deng and his co-horts?), maybe the Nixon handshake
was a result of a genuine fear of China of an imminent Soviet
attack, possibly nuclear. This incident, which signified the supercession
of nationalism over internationalism, has been seized upon by Troskyists
and other 'ultra-left' factions as a great betrayal of the international
proletariat effectively allowing them to dismiss the entire Chinese
(essentially peasant) revolution (e.g., Hugh Rodwell, Bob Malecki).


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