Gorbachev, Occhetto and the Withering Away of the Socialist State

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Oct 3 17:17:09 MDT 1996

Richard writes:

>To our shame, I suppose, we were also praising Gorbachev. I am glad that
>there were voices of doubt right from the begining, and by mid 1988 we
>were certainly starting to distance ourselves from Gorbachev.

I like the "I suppose".

Anyhow, *we* never did anything of the kind in the LIT. Nor would any
orthodox Trotskyist.

However, many in the USec followed the Mandelist line of tailing Gorbachev
in the hope that the forces he represented would be forced in spite of
themselves to take revolutionary measures.

Oh, yes, the "voices of doubt".

Richard, tell us *what* you were praising in Gorbachev, and why it was
wrong, and for what reasons you decided to distance yourself from his line.



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