The "ambiguous" nature of the workers' states

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Thu Oct 3 17:17:06 MDT 1996

Gary M writes:

>But beyond all this is the necessity for an analysis of the ambiguous nature
>of the "workers' states".  One that somehow is nuanced enough to admit the
>gains they represented for the workers but also acknowledges their lack of
>socialist democracy.

It's been available for more than sixty years. It's presented most
accessibly in the book The Revolution Betrayed, by Leon Trotsky, 1936.

It wasn't just theoretical either, but formed the basis for a continuation
of the revolutionary Bolshevik line of the October revolution and the first
revolutionary years of the Comintern. First in the form of the Left
Opposition, and then in the form of the Fourth International.

And the word isn't really ambiguous, but dialectical.



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