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Thu Oct 3 13:57:01 MDT 1996

At 22:43 01-10-96 EDT, Jon Flanders wrote:

>  Unemployment benefits in the US are linked to your last job.

So it is in Denmark. I have not been unemployed for more than 10 years, so
I am not quite sure of all the details, but basically you get 90% of your
previous wage up to a very low maximum - so that almost all full time
workers will get the maximum. So it is approx. 90% of the minimum wage.

There is a lot of talk about making these rules more "flexible", so that
workers in unions with a high percentage of unemployed (usually low-paid,
unskilled, of course) will have to pay more for having an unemployment
insurance. But this has not yet come through. They (center and soc-dem
parties) are not yet prepared to do so. The main argument I have heard is
that they fear this will make it more difficult for employers to sack
workers - temporarily or permanent.



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