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Adam Rose sends a statement to Tony Blair:
>Statement to Tony Blair
>After 17 years of Tory rule, there is a desperate need to restore working
>people's right to organise and defend their wages and conditions and to
>show solidarity with each other. There is an equal need for far reaching
>social change to overcome the blight of low wages and welfare cuts on the one
>hand and ever greater tax cuts and handouts to the very rich on the other.
>This is why we are angry at recent statements from Labour Party leaders which
>suggest a Labour  government will continue many Tory policies.
>We protest:
>1.  At statements from David Blunkett and Tony Blair suggesting that Labour
>not only keep the present anti union laws, but may make them tougher.
>They said that "legislation cannot be ruled out" to replace free collective
>bargaining by "binding arbitration" and to enable employers and the courts to
>delay industrial action with still more ballots
>2.  At statements from shadow employment minister Stephen Byers suggesting that
>Labour should sever its links with the unions the moment the election has been
>won with union money.
>3.  At Tony Blair's backing for shadow industry minister Kim Howell's call
>for Labour to abandon any talk of socialism.
>We call for the Labour Party to repudiate all these statements.
>We commit ourselves to fight any attempt by Labour - in opposition or in office
>- to persue policies based on them.
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Given the inherent racism and pro-imperialist politics of the Labour Party,
why not simply: "We commit ourselves to fight Labour- in opposition or in


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