On Najibullah

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Thu Oct 3 04:11:05 MDT 1996

The Taliban offer nothing but a continuation of Afghanistan
poeple's misery, in a slightly different form.

But to mourn Najibullah's death is ridiculous.
The death of one of the corrupt hypocritical Imperialist backed
dictators shouldn't be mourned. My only problem with his execution
is that unfortunately they've just been replaced by another lot of
corrupt hypocritical Imperialist backed dictators.

A political alternative to fundamentalism in Afghanistan will only
become viable in the region when the working class in Pakistan,
Iran, and the Muslim states in the ex USSR moves into action again.
Stalinist politics, which we have seen here in the mourning of
Najibullah, are an obstacle to this. In fact, by identifying socialism
with a set of regimes which oppress ordinary muslims, Stalinist politics
directly strengthens the various shades of fundamentalism.

[ And quite what Gary's "the gains they represented for the workers" means
to some Uzbeck agricultural worker who has seen their country turned
into a cotton plantation by Russian Imperialism I don't know. There is a
more concrete basis to talk about "the gains they represented for the workers"
of your average liberal democracy. It doesn't make liberal democracies some
none capitalist "workers state" , however large the quotation marks. ]

What I want to know is why the dregs of Stalinism, who have dissappeared
>from the real world, have rematerialised on m1 ? Don't you lot understand ?
Your politics have died, gone, kaput. It's the end. You lot perverted the
real meaning of socialism for 60 years and now it's all over. The CPGB
understood this and had the good grace to commit political suicide. You lot
are like the living hairs on a corpse.


Adam Rose


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