Deep thoughts on the TP, moderation and jackasses

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Thu Oct 3 17:17:18 MDT 1996

>On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Carrol Cox wrote:
>>     Are jackasses needed for the health of a maillist?
>Louis: I am on a moderated list right now, the Left Unity List. It is one
>of the most interesting lists I have ever participated in. Right now a
>clear political difference seems to be emerging over the relevance of the
>Transitional Program. David McReynolds, a legendary figure on the US left,
>and I, a leading buffoon, argue that it might be an obstacle to effective
>political action since it is used in such a doctrinaire manner. Other
>people, who are very sharp but still Trotskyish to one degree or another,
>like JJ Plant, Per Mathisen and Luciano Dondero, tend to think it is much
>more vital. We didn't need a jackass to get this conversation going.

What was that about Louis's participation?

A buffoon is not a jackass?

Carroll was talking about list health.

Since a mailing list is more like a newspaper stand than a single paper, it
is obviously healthy for lots of different lines to be represented. It's
known as democracy.

It's opposite -- unhealth -- is keeping different lines off the newsstand.
This is known as censorship.

In cyberspace, censorship is often known by the euphemism of "moderation".
The Swedish Tories call themselves the Moderate Party.

Anyhow, what keeps things alive and kicking is the clash of opinion.

On unity-list this clash is like people hitting each other with candy floss.



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