Fred Ferguson on Malecki

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Thu Oct 3 17:17:28 MDT 1996

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>>With Fred F's letter the evidence just keeps piling up against the
>yellow journalist Proyect.
>Ferguson's letter is the ONLY evidence so far provided on Malecki.
>Otherwise we have seen an anonymous letter from somebody who claims
>to have seen things in a library, and a letter of polite news from
>Berrigan. Neither of those proves anything.
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Bob M is not under any obligation to provide proof to anybody. The stuff
that *has* turned up has been more in his favour than Louis P's, however.

Louis is the one who hurled the criminal accusations at Bob, and boasted
loud and clear that he would *dig out the proof* whatever the cost in terms
of Hard Intellectual Work, and also that he would have Malecki's balls for

He has since chickened out on the whole sickening project.

JJ is surely not offering to substantiate Louis's ill-considered charges
and take over his miscarried investigation?



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