Fred Ferguson on Malecki

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Thu Oct 3 23:45:56 MDT 1996

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>>With Fred F's letter the evidence just keeps piling up against the
>yellow journalist Proyect.
>Ferguson's letter is the ONLY evidence so far provided on Malecki.
>Otherwise we have seen an anonymous letter from somebody who claims
>to have seen things in a library, and a letter of polite news from
>Berrigan. Neither of those proves anything.

Actually Plant i really do not have to prove anything. At least in a
bougeois court you are innocent until proven guilty. The yellow journalist
said that he was going to prove that Malecki has been lying about is
anti-war activities. I even gave dates, times and newspapers to check out.
The interesting thing is that Proyect is cheking in a newspaper i did not
even mention! And he said that he was going to provide the list with proof
in two weeks. In 3 days that two weeks is up.

There were two letters signed by Berrigan by the way.

Bob Malecki

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