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Thu Oct 3 23:46:01 MDT 1996

>At 22:43 01-10-96 EDT, Jon Flanders wrote:
>>  Unemployment benefits in the US are linked to your last job.
>So it is in Denmark. I have not been unemployed for more than 10 years, so
>I am not quite sure of all the details, but basically you get 90% of your
>previous wage up to a very low maximum - so that almost all full time
>workers will get the maximum. So it is approx. 90% of the minimum wage.
>There is a lot of talk about making these rules more "flexible", so that
>workers in unions with a high percentage of unemployed (usually low-paid,
>unskilled, of course) will have to pay more for having an unemployment
>insurance. But this has not yet come through. They (center and soc-dem
>parties) are not yet prepared to do so. The main argument I have heard is
>that they fear this will make it more difficult for employers to sack
>workers - temporarily or permanent.

The Social Democrats and their bougeois allies in Sweden are a little futher
down the road in destroying the welfare state. Unemployment benefits are
down to 80% and they are voting through a new scheme which means after three
years you are out of the system and on welfare. The two periods in job
retraining or other short jobs (two 6 month periods) that you have to take
in this three year period are counted. So in fact the new system reduces
unemployment benefit to two years. In order to qualify for a new period you
must have a steady job at least nine months in one year.

Already lots of people because of the cuts are on welfare despite the
benefits. And now they are cutting the welfare systems. Thus a single person
with one child who gets 80% from unemployment insurance and around a 1000
swedish crowns in order to come up to the minimum standard of living, now
will only receive 500 crowns from welfare thus a reduction in welfare
benefits by 50%!

This trick is being done by saying that the minimum living standard has been
too high.

Bob Malecki

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