Lima 1963 and Adolfo

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Thu Oct 3 20:05:52 MDT 1996

>Hugh tells us:
>>I've been asked to forward the following reply to Adolfo concerning the
>>events in Lima in 1963.
>Hugh,   wouldn't it be better if Mr  "J Ponce"--whoever and wherever s/he
>is,  spoke for him/herself?    I'm a little uncomfortable with someone who
>isn't even subscribed to the list "forwarding" accusations and slanders
>through a surrogate,  even when that surrogate is someone as bright and
>articulate as yourself.
>We,  surely,  don't need any more errand boys on Marxism 1.
>Louis Godena
Not to worry Louis, the slanders, historical falsifications and belittling
of the working and revolutionary people as petty bourgeois - coming from a
man who calls himself a "modest militant" living in a country in revolution,
and speaking of United Fronts with the maleckis of Peru - are evidently part
of the the latest hare-brain idea of the United Left cretins in Peru.

Absolutely deserted by the people they so long deceived, with their Q
mouthpiece in disarray and linked to the capitulators, they have now - under
direct coordination by the Fujimori regime, the National Intelligence
Service (SIN) and the Zubatovist MI6 Orwellian Trotskyst organisations
abroad -  undertaken to implement their dream of "ideologically confronting
the Shining Path".  They have been clamouring to do this for years, and it
is evident that they are trying their hand at this too.

It is not me - who according to them have no role or left any mark (only
Senators and members of Parliament or corrupt union leaders and clowns like
Hugo Blanco (the Trotskyst CIA agent have a role in their conception of the
"class struggle"  who they are aiming against, it is the cause which I
defend and that they oppose in the interests of the ruling classes and
imperialism.  That is enough of the PONCE's of Fujimori and the PONCE of
PONCES = Hugh Orwell from MI6 and lately collaborator of SIN as a forwarding
agent for their slanders.


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