Lima 1963 and Adolfo

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Fri Oct 4 00:47:33 MDT 1996

Louis G writes:

>Hugh,   wouldn't it be better if Mr  "J Ponce"--whoever and wherever s/he
>is,  spoke for him/herself?    I'm a little uncomfortable with someone who
>isn't even subscribed to the list "forwarding" accusations and slanders
>through a surrogate,  even when that surrogate is someone as bright and
>articulate as yourself.
>We,  surely,  don't need any more errand boys on Marxism 1.

Juan spoke very much for himself.

Could this be the starting-point for a no-forwarding exclusion rule?

There have been countless forwardings to the list. Why should this
particular one excite this kind of reaction?

Once again, we have a case of a "bright and articulate" person, Louis G,
straining at gnats, when he calls Juan's comments "accusations and
slanders", and swallowing camels, when he lets all Adolfo's "snitch", "cop"
and "imperialist agent" finger-pointing go without batting an eyelid.

Stop talking about "errand boys" and start talking about political lines,
instead. We've had enough moralizing in place of reasoned politics -- and
one of the worst offenders has been Adolfo.

Arguing from blind authority the way Adolfo does, is just not Marxism.



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