Lima 1963 and Adolfo

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Fri Oct 4 00:47:36 MDT 1996

Adolfo gets on his cop-accusing high horse:

>Not to worry Louis, the slanders, historical falsifications and belittling
>of the working and revolutionary people as petty bourgeois - coming from a
>man who calls himself a "modest militant" living in a country in revolution,
>and speaking of United Fronts with the maleckis of Peru - are evidently part
>of the the latest hare-brain idea of the United Left cretins in Peru.

What disgusting contempt for the ability of people to think for themselves!

>Absolutely deserted by the people they so long deceived, with their Q
>mouthpiece in disarray and linked to the capitulators, they have now - under
>direct coordination by the Fujimori regime, the National Intelligence
>Service (SIN) and the Zubatovist MI6 Orwellian Trotskyst organisations
>abroad -  undertaken to implement their dream of "ideologically confronting
>the Shining Path".  They have been clamouring to do this for years, and it
>is evident that they are trying their hand at this too.

Pure assertion and pure slander rounded out with pure lies. The ideological
confrontation with the PCP-SL is nothing new in Peru or Latin America.
Perhaps Adolfo doesn't remember his Marxist ABC. Disagreement in itself is
not a sign that someone is an enemy spy. Or a sign that someone deserves to
be murdered. Or an excuse for character assassination. People who are
united around a revolutionary goal are quite capable of working with people
they disagree with to  win a strike or defeat government policy. We've seen
this very clearly in Britain with united front work around, say, the
Miners' strike, the Anti-Poll-Tax movement and the Dock strike. We haven't
gone in for shooting or stabbing each other. Or accusing people who
disagree with us of being agents of Thatcher or the security forces.

Perhaps it's time Adolfo went in for a new experience -- learning something
>from looking around him.

Of course it's not as good for your own sense of importance as shouting

>It is not me - who according to them have no role or left any mark (only
>Senators and members of Parliament or corrupt union leaders and clowns like
>Hugo Blanco (the Trotskyst CIA agent have a role in their conception of the
>"class struggle"  who they are aiming against, it is the cause which I
>defend and that they oppose in the interests of the ruling classes and
>imperialism.  That is enough of the PONCE's of Fujimori and the PONCE of
>PONCES = Hugh Orwell from MI6 and lately collaborator of SIN as a forwarding
>agent for their slanders.

Now who said Adolfo didn't have a role? Certainly not us. Perhaps it's not
the role he would like to have -- the Trotsky of Peru, with a university
substituting for the whole of Petrograd heavy industry -- but it would
indeed appear he had a role. And we'd like to know more about it --
programme, and so on, as our questions showed. Anyone with the slightest
interest in revolutionary history would ask the same questions. Especially
since Adolfo claims it's the same thing as the 1905 revolution. Lenin saw
1905 as a turning point in Russian and world history. He devoted a few
pages to the event. And he wasn't in the same position of power in the
Soviet as Adolfo was in *his* Soviet. What an opportunity to convince
people of the correctness of his historical perspectives and the continuity
of his revolutionary line! He's already told us of one measure implemented
-- the expulsion of people who disagreed with his group. What about the
other measures?

Our interests are more opposed to the ruling classes and imperialism than
those of the PCP-SL are. We have no elements of class-collaboration in our
programme, no strategy of eliminating everyone in the labour and
revolutionary movement who opposes us, and an internationalist programme
for Peru and Latin America.



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