On Najibullah

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Oct 3 23:45:50 MDT 1996

Chaterlee writes;
>The culmination of this policy led to the famous scene of Chairman
>Mao shaking hands with Nixon while bombs were falling in Vietnam. It is
>difficult to determine who were the actual actors behind the Three
>Worlds doctrine (Deng and his co-horts?), maybe the Nixon handshake
>was a result of a genuine fear of China of an imminent Soviet
>attack, possibly nuclear. This incident, which signified the supercession
>of nationalism over internationalism, has been seized upon by Troskyists
>and other 'ultra-left' factions as a great betrayal of the international
>proletariat effectively allowing them to dismiss the entire Chinese
>(essentially peasant) revolution (e.g., Hugh Rodwell, Bob Malecki).

In fact Trotskyists do not dismiss the Chinese revolution and never have. We
have always had a clear line on China as being a deformed workers state from
its inception. Thus in the wake of the Japanese defeat a victorious peasant
army actually did seize power. Trotskyists have always defended China as a
deformed workers state against imperialism.

What Trotskyists dismiss is the completely bankrupt policies of the maoists
which are nothing other then Stalinist politics translated to Chinese by Mao
and others.

Bob Malecki

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