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Revolutionary History is a journal which produces a 250-300 pages issue
every 4-6 months. In every issue we deal with the history of the
revolutionary left and the workers movements of one particular country or
region. We have many reviews and sections. We had an issue on Bolivia and we
want to have one on Peru.
Some times we can see interesting articles on the internet. Today we will
discuss if we can put the L. Project article on the Wolforth's book and the
replies that he received.
I saw a contribution on a soviet and liberated zone in Lima in 1963. we
never listened about it. If c. Olaechea could write an article on that which
is serious, based in real facts and with some evidence, we will be happy to
We published an obituary defending Chiara's moral revolutionary integrity.
If Olaechea wants to send a letter proving that he was an agent with some
sort of evidence we can publish it, but it have to be a serious letter based
in real facts.
On the question that Hugo Blanco and all the Peruvian trotskyists are agents
of the CIA or the Peruvian intelligence services it would be good if
Olaechea can prove it. We have some articles on the activities of the
Peruvian trotskyists which we can post to this list asking for your

J. Villa
Review Editor
Revolutionary History

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