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Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Oct 3 23:46:09 MDT 1996

> >> It is not yet the labor camps, which the danish social democrats set up in
>the 1930's, but it is getting closer. And at least the labor camps had the
>advantage that you met with other people in a similar situation to your own
><<Jorn A
> Would the "labor camps" be similar to the  Works Progress
>Administration(WPA), and other such schemes that Roosevelt(in the US)
>organized during the New Deal democratic administration of the Depression
> Jon Flanders
No this is a concentrated attack on the unions. They are using the system to
gut the unions, lower pay, and in certain areas to replace unionized jobs
with slave labor.
Despite all the talk of not taking ordinary jobs. This can especiallly be
seen in the public sector.

Then again what was Roosevelt,s plan in the long run?

Bob Malecki

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