A Robert Malecki Amnesty Campaign?

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Oct 4 00:38:33 MDT 1996

Hello Robert,

Your web page states,

An opponent of the War in Vietnam, Robert is one of
       the most noted activists of the era.

Can we assume that the day after the deadline you have
given Louis to prove his charge that you are a paid
provocateur,  you will share with us where, and
with whom, you are "most noted"?

Let us assume, there was a bit of hype in this
description by way of promotion, because in your book you
speculate that if it becomes a best seller, this may help
a campaign for you to return from legal exile, and to
be able to see your grandchildren.

I think the merits of a campaign for your amnesty, has
got hopelessly muddled up with the literary merits or otherwise of
your book, has got hopelessly muddled up with your political
line, and has got muddled up with your style of argument that some
often find provocative rather than effectively challenging.

Now if you are unfortunate in your hopes of the book becoming
a best seller (I suspect the internet is no substitute for a
literary agent) it would still be in your interests and a
progressive step for the people of the world
if the US government gave an amnesty to those who had committed
the sort of things you claim you did in the Vietnamese war.

A bit of preparation
now could be worthwhile in preparing some contacts
and getting assistance from experienced campaigners to move into
action immediately after Clinton has won the election when presumably
it would be easier for him to do something like this.

Do you have the nucleus of an amnesty campaign group?

So unless some really strong bit of evidence turns up either way,
how about calling it quits in a few days time, and level with
yourself as well as us about how much you really are a most-noted
activist,  and move on to think how you can get that amnesty?
Have you got anyone you trust who could help you work out
practical steps for a Malecki Amnesty Campaign?


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