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You wrote:

>>I was frankly sickened by Rolf Martens recent post celebrating the
>>execution,  by the newTaliban fundamentalist regime in Kabul,  of the former
>>Afghan President,  Najibullah.
>Louis is absolutely right on this question. In fact Martens and the Maoists
>are trying to cover their tracks. It was these kinds of people they were
>supporting against the Soviet Union's intervention in Afghanistan why
>Trotskyist defended. And now when the political program of these
>fundementalists is seen for everybody Martens is covering his ass. By the
>way they did the same thing in Iran. But in Iran the Maoists themselves
>wound up in the torture cells of the Mullahs.
>Although in noway can i take responsibility for the Soviet Unions
>intervention the reforms were a good step and should be defended.

Ah, so you "don't" take responsibilty for that aggression?

What you in reality are doing *is* defend that aggression.

On the side of the people, fighting the social-imperialist
aggression, there *were* some quite reactionary forces. But
they were NOT as reactionary as those so-called "Marxists"
are who're still, today, defending and condoning the rape
of Afghansistan.

There *may* indeed have been a positive aspect of the
actions of those people in Afghanistan who weclomed the
aggressor. But that was, if so, naturally completely a
*minor* aspect compared to the *main* thing they did.

The defence of Najibullah by some people who call themselves
"Marxists" one more time show the enormous importance of
that correct and very sharp differentiation which was made
by Mao Zedong between,

on the one hand: SOCIALISM,

and on the other hand: REVISIONISM (including TROTSKYISM) and

Rolf M.

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