Fred Ferguson on Malecki

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Fri Oct 4 04:18:06 MDT 1996

>Actually Plant i really do not have to prove anything. At least in a
>bougeois court you are innocent until proven guilty. The yellow journalist
>said that he was going to prove that Malecki has been lying about is
>anti-war activities. I even gave dates, times and newspapers to check out.
>The interesting thing is that Proyect is cheking in a newspaper i did not
>even mention! And he said that he was going to provide the list with proof
>in two weeks. In 3 days that two weeks is up.
>There were two letters signed by Berrigan by the way.
>Bob Malecki

Yeah Bob, you have already proven the worst possible evidence against you:
You are really malecki, the roach extraordinaire!

Now you only need to prove that this roachy malecki is in any way related to
the Robert Malecki who once did something concrete against imperialism.
Maybe the poor buggings in buried in your backgarden or under your patio.

After all, it was you who said that, he - Robert Malecki who is remembered
by Ferguson, was an idiot, and that's why you "changed" and became a
verminous Trot bent on making a killing out of the "youthful folly" of a
"poor and working class" war resister.

Today you are a vicious old fart and an enemy of the people to boot.  How is
that?  I think that the Robert Malecki who you are PONCING of, is dead.

There is only one old and tatty wind-bag left trying to bury his past in
self-publicity and thus make his peace with the bourgeois empire the poor
kid once managed to annoy.

Yes, you are right, you have proven yourself guilty of being the murderer of
the "poor kid Robert Malecki".


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