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>Our interests are more opposed to the ruling classes and imperialism than
>those of the PCP-SL are. We have no elements of class-collaboration in our
>programme, no strategy of eliminating everyone in the labour and
>revolutionary movement who opposes us, and an internationalist programme
>for Peru and Latin America.

How could one have doubted that Rodwell would have a programme for Peru and
Latin America.  This Trots always have programmes for everywhere and
everything, always in transition, either far into a future of grabbing
communist roses, or backwards to heroic posturings in 1917.  But programs
are not even worth the paper they are printed on if they do not have a
concrete and sensibel application to the concrete reality.

May I ask what is your concrete programme for Peru - TODAY - and why is not
being implemented?

Unless, of course, your programme be that of the lying fleas of that tool of
the Peruvian National Inteligence Service and Fujimori's regime (which has
"escorted them into this list") for whom you are acting as a carrier stool

To come out abroad and confront the defenders of the Peruvian revolution
with the allegations that the Peruvian Military High Command may put into
their "leftie" mouths:

"Look here, look how the Shining Path are criminals, look how they killed
our "Mother Courage" Walter Chiara, assassins, criminals.  Why are they not
being condemned by the Marxists, etc?"

Hugh Rodwell:

Where are the Trotskyst battallions in Peru after 16 years of revolutionary
war have been developing in that country?

Where have Trots managed even set up a "little Soviet" even a student
Soviet, or a road sweepers soviet, or even a penpushers soviet and defended
it with weapons in hand?

Even the generals confess that in Peru there should be not just one or two
organisations up in arms, there should be 100 (Interview with General Huaman

So there is no excuse, if indeed they are honest Trotskysts in Peru (and I
mean here people who really believe in what they say and not just assume a
name to disguise their police activities) not to have at least a tiny flea
sized "red army" going.  What is it then that keeps them from doing so and
sticking to the legality that the fascist regime affords them under its wing?

Once - a long time ago - Trotskysts had some influence in certain areas in
Peru. Hugo Blanco set agricultural labourers unions in a remote valley in
the Cuzco mountains.  However, due to his erroneous ideology and his lack of
understanding of Peruvian conditions, of the demands and strenght of the
peasantry and of the interests of the proletariat, he failed in arming the
peasant masses, in organising them for the seizure of power, in leading them
in revolutionary actions, and in protracted peole's war.

Eventually, after the bourgeois press extracted out of his antics all the
scaremongering necessary to unleash repression against the communists and
the democratic movement, this bogus "guerilla" was captured by the village
policeman without much of a fuzz.

Taken to Lima and imprisoned, Blanco's much vaunted "movement" fizzled out,
and sometime later Blanco himself made his peace with the Military regime -
becoming a minor functionary of the fascist dictatorship of General Velasco

That is the high light of Trotskysm in Peru in the field of armed struggle -
abyect capitulation.  Later, when his military bosses changed from "left" to
"right" in their preference for flunkeys, and when they were driven all
together from power by the mass struggle of the people, Blanco went in for
"United Left" politics, while the PCP took the road of preparations for the
People's War.

Like a big balloon inflated by bloodcurling "rrrrevolutionist" rhetoric,
lots of votes were reaped from the ignorant and backward masses with
demagogic promises by this demagogue.

What kind of person was this Hugo Blanco?  A guy who, like Fujimori does
today, used to dress himself up in peasant garb in the rural areas and climb
platforms bedecked in red cloth spouting his radical vocal fire.  In the
cities, he would done torn shirts and working man's trousers tied with a
rope to promise proletarian power via the ballot box and socialist manna
that would drop from the heavens.

However, he continously travelled to Sweden with CIA, Swedish social
democracy and German NGO's money and "comradely hospitality".  Passengers of
the Stockholm and Oslo bound jets were amused no end by the usual sight of
this "Left-wing Senator" who would come into the plane, waving tearful and
fiery goodbyes to "his peasants" and his "comrade workers" modestly dressed
in his customary boiler-suit all torn and lovingly mended with "proletarian

Later in the flight, after being plied with Absolut Vodka and beluga Caviar
in the First Class cabin, and when landing time approached, Blanco would pop
into the plane's economy class section, rush into the nearest toilet and
come out, like "Super-Senator-Trot": Christian Dior ties and Saville Road
suits for when the time to meet his European "social-democrat comrades"

Was Hugh Rodwell per-chance one of those red-cheeked Trotty young pioneers
at hand there in the tarmac at Stockholm airport to meet the "hero of La
Convencion" with a bunch of "Hic Rosas" on all those tedious an innumerable
occassions?  What is Blanco's "programme now"?  What is his historical role
in the present political juncture?  What ever happened to the Peruvian Trotsky?

What is the worth of a paper "international programme" for a country in
revolution if you participate in the revolutionary movement only as a claque
and a sounding board for the propaganda abroad of the enemies of the
Peruvian people and implement the strategies of the Military High Command of
the army of the rich and powerful whose state - the tool of their oppression
of the masses - must be destroyed NOW - not tomorrow, or when the Rose is at
hand, but NOW in this concrete situation?

Let us debate that, heh?


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